If you can dream it, I can help you find a plan to get there. Through coaching, desire, and persistence, you can change your life by changing your mind.


As you read through this list, I wonder if there are a few that stick out to you as areas you can work on and receive dramatic improvement in your life.

Physical health – your body

Mental health – your brain’s ability to think

Emotional health - your ability to feel and react

Social relationships – the quality and quantity

Spirituality – your connection with a higher power or yourself

Career – your satisfaction and alignment with your purpose

Situation – your finances, environment, what you have

Enjoyment – fun, variety, and pleasure

Life is a journey of growth. I am happy to tell you that you can achieve more than you think. You can have: 

A slim midsection that begs to be shown off on the beach
A phenomenal relationship with your partner
Vitality that keeps you energized throughout the day
More meaningful friendships
Peace, happiness, and joy
That feeling of achievement when you cross a finish line
and whatever would make the life you've dreamed of a reality. How is this possible?

Here's the simple truth-

Your thinking creates your feeling which creates your actions which creates your situation- and the cycle repeats throughout your life.

Please do not handicap yourself by going through life unaware of why you do what you do. Take control of your situation right now.

I have created a holistic program to improve your overall health that is focused on YOU.

Let's dig in and get you on the path to your dream life!


Nice to meet you! I'm Kaitlin Ohl, a Health Coach,  Hypnotherapist and an advocate of joyful living. You'll find out what I do on this website, but connecting is the best way to see if we could work together. I would love to hear from you! Reach out under the schedule tab and let's chat!

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A ritual that works

Introducing my new success-producing journal, "The Secret to Your Best Life in 10 Minutes a Day: A Guided Journal". It starts as a strategy to create your best life and transitions to a 365 day habit forming journal. You will decide what you want to do in your life, dream up great goals to help you fulfill your purpose and feel the way that will lead to your greatest satisfaction. You will strategize how to make your plans a reality by keeping on track with monthly check-ins. Every day you will practice setting intentions, an identity declaration, visualization, thankfulness, evaluation, planning for the next day and positive cognitive restructuring. You will learn how to be your best self by using simple strategies you can use for the rest of your life!

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Relaxing change

 Our whole culture is stressed. You know it's affecting you life and it's time to get it under control. And what if you could decrease your stress while also mending the subconscious root of your biggest challenges? My clients may come to me for weight loss hypnosis, but they notice more relaxation in their life too! Improving quality of life is priceless. Find out if hypnotherapy could help you.

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