Imagine waking up in 30 days: you now have more than enough energy to make it through the day without caffeine, you are 15 pounds lighter, you LOOK and FEEL healthier, & have learned how to shop for and make healthy, satisfying meals.

You might not know it, but you have addressed nutritional deficiencies, eliminated toxins stored in the body, and begun to nourish cells from your liver all the way to your glowing skin.

You can FEEL that you are healthier, you are happier, and your digestion and smaller waistline agree: a detox was in order. Good thing you had the courage to give it a go 30 days ago!

I can speak from experience: food is medicine. Thirty days of on-point eating was just the kick start I needed to re-commit to healthy living, shed a layer of winter padding, and gain so much energy and vibrancy. As a certified health coach, would only recommend a plan that I could go through myself, love the nutritional science behind, and know all the ingredients in. "30 Days to Healthy Living" is one of the TOP recommendations I could ever make to a client or a family member. That being said, even if you are not a health coaching client, I love this program so much that I will provide support and get you into a Facebook group that includes meal plans and grocery lists. Talk about a total-package value!

If you are ready to purchase, visit and make sure you join as a preferred client to get 20% off AND a free product (I recommend Greens Balance or a good skincare product).

Have questions? I'd love to answer them. Email me at and watch my videos below- I answer the most commonly asked questions in them!

I have more fun than I should while I am grocery shopping. If more videos about healthy shopping or shopping on a budget or at specific stores would be helpful, please let me know. I want to provide content that you find valuable!

Candida got you down?

I also offer guidance through a yeast / candida cleanse. It's very strict and not for the faint of heart, but the results are amazing.