As promised, here is the intro chapter of The Secret to Your Best Life in 10 Minutes a Day: A Guided Journal so you can better understand the gist of the book. Enjoy!

Here’s the Idea.

I wrote this journal to help you be your best self, do your best work, and ultimately live your best life this year. There is nothing I love more than helping remarkable people find clarity and live in alignment with their true self. When my life and health coaching clients want to make a change, I suggest that they implement the practices that are included in this daily journal. To make this daily routine easier, I wanted to create a convenient single page of prompts. I truly believe in the power of these practices, and I use this journal everyday too. My belief is that it is possible to make just a few simple changes to your daily routine and your happiness, fulfillment, and impact can be radically increased. Life is too precious to live stupidly.

This process is simple and only requires some introspection and commitment. If you are a veteran at making and accomplishing your goals with precision, this is a tool to give you a fresh perspective on your skills. You will also feel at home in these pages even if you are hesitant about thinking deeply about the trajectory of your life. The first part of this journal will take you between 45 minutes and half of a lazy Saturday afternoon. I suggest a cup of tea and a comfy chair, or anything that will allow you to enjoy spending a few minutes planning with me how to create a life that you will love even more than you do right now. Channel the dreamy confidence of your five year old self when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and add in a good measure of precise strategy.

A goal without a plan is a daydream, so we will spend some time coming up with the perfect goal for you and a plan that you feel good about. I have included monthly check-in points so you can keep yourself on track. For each month, you can map out your actions in advance, and then distribute steps into your own daily calendar. The daily portion of this journal will be explained later. It will take less than ten minutes of your time, divided between morning and bedtime. The daily practices you will learn to do consistently are the secret to living your best life, giving you an edge over your former self. If you need help along the way, I would love to hear from you. Let’s get started!

The purpose behind dreaming, goal setting, and planning is to help you more fully live in alignment with your true self and contribute your gifts to the world.

Although this book is designed to help you have your best life in the future, I hope you love the journey because, well, that’s life. Be mindful of the balance between being thankful for the beauty you have experienced today, while you press forward intentionally as a creator of your tomorrow. It is absolutely key to learn to have joy in the present, even as you work towards a future goal. Even though I will push you to evaluate areas of dissatisfaction, I am not suggesting that you live your life in the uncomfortable state of constant striving and unhappiness. I say this almost as a disclaimer, because striving towards goals can be used as a distraction to ignore internal disputes keeping you from happiness. Read my black and white print lips: if you are waiting for something in the future to make you happy, you never will be.

Your ability to experience joy will not increase when you accomplish your goals, no matter how wonderful they are. Getting married, creating a child, and having abundant possessions will not make you happy long term if you have not learned how to find joy inside yourself. Chasing goals for the sake of pleasure alone is not what I am promoting.  In my book, growth, learning, contributing, kindness, and serving a purpose higher than just yourself are what makes a highly awesome life. 

Want to keep reading? See the footer below for a link to the printer's website. If e-books are more your style, please let me know. I am considering releasing an e-book of the first part of the book, minus the journal itself. I would love to hear if that is something you would be interested in! Thanks a ton!