Wake up feeling fresh.

Feel bright and energetic throughout the day

Experience joy and gratitude all the positive emotions you could desire.

Radiate confidence in your body, not matter what it looks like.

Finally get control of your thoughts, turning negative cycles into positive loops that bring bliss and sunshine into your mind

Bring peace into your life and cast off stress. Learn how to function even more efficiently without nagging anxiety.

Make food your friend. Become so in-tune with your body that you can maintain the perfect weight by listening to your needs.

Feel all your talents and gifts blooming into their full potential

You may be thinking, “Wow, my life would be so different!” You’re right.

Most people work at these things for their whole lives and rarely get anywhere. What if you had a shortcut, all the resources you need to make big changes in your inner (emotional) and outer (physical) health?

What if you could step into a reality that is intentional, you living your life on purpose instead of just being dragged along by the current of time? 

I’ve talked with so many women like you, and it’s clear: what’s wanted and needed is a holistic approach to health.

There is so much information out there on the internet, so much advertising telling us that if we get this product or go to cycling class, our lives will change and we will finally be happy.

The truth is, life is a beautiful web of interconnected pieces. We must give loving attention to our body, our mind, our emotions, and our spirit. If we neglect one area, our whole life suffers. 

I’m sure you have a friend who is so fit and slim it’s amazing. She looks great because she takes great care of her body. She may look like she’s got it all together, but she is the first one to cry at the drop of a hat because emotions overwhelm her. By our culture’s standards, she should be happy because of the attention she gets, but miles logged on the treadmill can’t outrun her broken heart.

And maybe you have another friend, who has a heart so big, she attracts people like a magnet. She’s wise and great at what she does. She tries to eat healthy and has dieted for years, but is shocked every time she sees the number on the bathroom scale. Confused doesn’t begin to describe her relationship with food. Sometimes she gets stressed she can hardly stand it, but always pushes through to tomorrow, like superwoman. She has a hunch that her stress and weight might be connected, but doesn’t know how to change when her situation stays the same. 

It’s easy to judge a person’s health by looking at them, or by spying on what they put on their plate. It is just as easy to think that your yoga teacher has it all together because of how she talks about peace and balance.

The truth is, the quality of our lives has a lot to do with how we feel in our mind and in our heart. If you are like most of the world, what you really want is to-

Wake up with a smile

Be able to take a deep breath and feel content, knowing it’s all okay

Feel cool and calm even in difficult situations

Have an even mood and be in control of your emotions

And most of all, to feel good and to feel happy

That’s pretty simple, so why are so many people not feeling great and happy every day?

Life is complicated, and we don’t have control of our family and some circumstances. 

But I have some good news. You can learn how to live your life in a way that is healthier and happier. I’m not sure why we aren’t taught how manage our thoughts in school! There are actual skills you can learn that promote joy and wellbeing. And on the physical side, there are so many shifts that you can make to bring about more energy. When you realize that stress is just a feeling in your body caused by your thoughts, it is a lot easier to manage. My premise is simple, by managing your thoughts and in turn your feelings and actions, you can bring about a healthy, happy life.

No major surgery and tummy tucks, no starvation dieting, no meditating on a mountain for a week straight. You just need a crystal clear goal and achievable steps to get there.

That’s what Live Healthy Live Happy is all about. 

Let me introduce myself briefly. I’m Kaitlin Ohl, and I’m delighted and honored to have you reading this right now. If I were sitting with you, I’d give you a big hug because I’m that excited to meet you.  I’m a Certified Health Coach, Hypnotherapist, author, and advocate for joyful living. I am passionate about helping others live their best lives through healthy thinking, personal development strategies, and proper nutrition. I’ve heard it said that a person teaches what they need to learn. I am the best example of this that I know! It’s been over 10 years since I was severely depressed and full of anxiety. Looking back, I can identify so many wild thoughts in the battleground that was my mind. I went to college and majored in Psychology, maybe to figure myself out. I learned about the power of thoughts, and through years of practice, completely revolutionized the way it feels to live inside my mind. It’s now normal for me to smile and laugh just because, to respond to difficult situations with an even-keeled demeanor, and to naturally turn every negative into a positive. Having lived two dramatically different ways, I can tell you from experience that change is possible, and it feels so great when you make your own sunshine! I became interested in health and nutrition when my energy was so low I could barely get out of bed because stress had burned out my poor adrenal glands. Fast forward to today, and I’m eating and moving in ways targeted to raise energy. Before I even knew what life coaching was, I was my first client. Your situation is both similar and unique, but I want to give you HOPE!

There are skills you can learn to completely revolutionize how you feel. You can change, you can glow, you can radiate confidence, you can live a happy, bright, juicy life.  

You were created to do wonderful things in this world. You have amazing talents and skills. Your health shouldn’t get in the way. Your health- inner and outer – is a tool to help you do all the beautiful things you are here to do. 

When you have enough energy, you can do more, be more present, and have meaningful conversations.

When you feel calm, you can react the way the best version of you would

When you are happy, you put such good vibes out into the world, and even more good vibes come back to you.

Dream a little bit with me, if you had all the energy, joy, and peace you wanted, what would you do?

Health is a tool to help you do that. I could get into all the ways bad physical and emotional health could ruin and even shorten your life, but let’s stick with the positive benefits. We get once chance at this life. Join me in making sure we do all we can to make it the best it can be.

This is not pie in the sky. This is strategy aimed at creating your best life.

“Ok, you’ve got my attention. Tell me how we can work together!”

In 12 weeks, you can

1.      Get in touch with your dreams, desires, who you are and what you want.

2.      Set relevant goals and create an action plan to get there.

3.      Become friends with your feelings and learn what each one means for you to do

4.      Learn how to eat mindfully and listen to the helpful sensation of hunger

5.      Wrangle your thoughts and decide which ones you will allow in your mind

6.      Find out which foods make you feel great and which ones are sabotaging your energy

7.      Start a daily personal development ritual that keeps you tuned in to your goals

8.      Combat stress with the power of relaxation (it’s like a hidden super power!)

9.      Nurture your body, mind, and spirit with life-giving self care

10.   Step into your inner juicy, radiant muse with unshakable confidence

11.   Learn how to actually do the things you want to do and stick to your new habits

12.   Turn up the self-love and learn how to eat well and move often because you’re in touch with your body

What is Live Healthy Live Happy?

The Live Healthy Live Happy program is a 3 month online group coaching program designed to help you create change with ease and excitement.


What you get:

  • You will be invited into a private Facebook group full of other women just like you. You’ll make some new internet friends and find encouragement in your journey.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

By surrounding yourself with fabulous, motivated women, you raise your level or commitment and ultimately your results will follow. We weren’t meant to live life alone! You can post updates and challenges and be cheered on by your Live Healthy Live Happy family.  

  • I will be posting weekly videos and challenges in the Facebook community. Each weekly video will guide you through the 12 weekly topics to create strategic change. See the 12 topics above to 

This program was designed with busy women in mind. There are no dates to schedule into your calendar and inconvenient time zones, the videos can be watched at your leisure. It doesn't matter when you interact in the group as long as you DO! 

  • You can expect daily inspiration because I want your Facebook to become a place where you can go to be supported to achieve your goals and create massive change with a smile on your face and a team of cheerleaders at your back.

 This Health & Happiness Audit will be sent to you when you join. Prepare for great discoveries!

This Health & Happiness Audit will be sent to you when you join. Prepare for great discoveries!

What you get:

Everything in option 1, PLUS private coaching. You have the opportunity for one on one coaching with me if you desire more personalized attention. I’m not artistically talented or athletic, but I am a great listener who can bring clarity to a situation. I highly recommend even just one session per month to make sure you are moving forward and overcoming challenges. You can see my availability and schedule a Skype call with me on the "schedule" tab. I am keeping my schedule as open as possible for after work sessions. For those who already know they desire this experience to include one on one sessions, I have created a convenient 6 bi-weekly session option for you at a discount. If you aren't ready to commit to option 2, You can add on sessions as you desire. I am making this flexible because I know we all have unique needs and situations. Just know that I am here for you and a private session can be arranged as you need it! 




 Sweet Living also happens to be a great jump start to weight loss!

Sweet Living also happens to be a great jump start to weight loss!

One great way to gain energy, beat sugar addiction, and improve your health is to do a sugar detox. During week number 3, you will gain free entrance into my private 4 week sugar detox group called Sweet Living. 


If you’ve read all the way to this point, I’m guessing that this program has resonated with you. Because I only want to work with the most motivated, awesome women, go through this check list to make sure we are a good fit.

-You are motivated to change NOW, not “someday”

  • You need a reason, a compelling answer to “why now?” This is the source of ongoing motivation.

-You are willing to read, listen, absorb, then DO

  • You may have purchased 10 different programs under $100, but dropped out after a week. This program will only work if you devote your energy to it.

-You actually want to be happy and positive

  • ...not the girl who is secretly addicted to being a Debbie downer

-You are able to face even difficult emotions without a breakdown

  •  I will be asking you to get in touch with the junk in your mind, but if you know you are not able to do this, a therapist may be a better option for you right now.

You can probably tell by now that I have created this program with the spirit of bright, fresh, juicy fruit. Ask yourself if you want more of the following in your life, if so, we are a match made in heaven.

Do you want to:

Feel energized in your body?

Cast a vision that is vivid and fulfilling?

Live a vibrant life?

Have a smile that glows with vibrant energy?

Experience life in crisp clarity?

Get in touch with your own value and brilliance?

Bloom into the shining woman you know you can be?

If I’ve described you, dear friend, then I invite you to join this movement of women who desire to Live Healthy and Live Happy.

When you complete the payment, you will be sent a welcome email with instructions. We will officially begin in the Facebook group (date)

After the program begins, it won't be offered again until next year! Don't miss your chance to grow, change, and blossom!

See you in the Facebook group! 

Cheers to your healthy, happy life,