How good do you want to feel?

Beach season is around the corner.

We can finally go outside without marshmallow parkas. Want to get rid of your winter padding, gain energy, and learn how to eat healthy on a budget? 

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Change your life by changing your mind

 Create your dream life by

mastering your psychology and revolutionizing your body

Health coaching is your secret weapon for achieving what you want. Let me show you why.

My name is Kaitlin Ohl, an ACE certified health coach with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. I have developed a holistic health and fitness program that focuses on you as an individual, a whole package. Your health is made up of several areas and neglecting even one can decrease your overall health and happiness.

As you read through this list, I wonder if there are a few that stick out to you as areas you can work on and receive dramatic improvement in your life.

Physical health – your body

Mental health – your brain’s ability to think

Emotional health - your ability to feel and react

Social relationships – the quality and quantity

Spirituality – your connection with a higher power or yourself

Career – your satisfaction and alignment with your purpose

Situation – your finances, environment, what you have

Enjoyment – fun, variety, and pleasure


Life is a journey of growth. I am happy to tell you that you can achieve anything you want. You can have:

  • A slim midsection that begs to be shown off on the beach
  • A phenomenal relationship with your partner
  • Vitality that keeps you energized throughout the day
  • More meaningful friendships
  • Peace, happiness, and joy
  • That feeling of achievement when you cross a finish line
  • ...and whatever would make the life you've dreamed of a reality

Here's the simple truth-

Your thinking creates your feeling which creates your actions which creates your situation- and the cycle repeats throughout your life.

Please do not handicap yourself by going through life unaware of why you do what you do. Take control of your situation right now.

I have created a holistic program to improve your overall health that is focused on YOU.

Let's dig in and get you on the path to your dream life!

"What will I get out of health coaching?"

  • Clarify your vision and direction (this will get you psyched about your life!)

  • Strategize your actions for a great game plan

  • Upgrade your skills - learn something new

  • Optimize your environment for long term success

  • Master your psychology for inner growth

One of the favorite results of coaching is eliminating excuses and the reasons why you aren't healthy.

Do you find yourself saying the following?

  1. "I've tried to get in shape before and failed every time."
  2. "I can't lose weight."
  3. "I love pizza."
  4. "I am going to die anyway, so I might as well die happy."
  5. "I have to have ice cream at night."
  6. "Skinny people are vain and I don't want to be like that."
  7. and the most common one, "I don't have time to eat healthy and exercise because ...I'm busy or ...I prioritize my family's needs above my own."

Let's kick your excuses to the curb once and for all, freeing you to pursue becoming your best self possible! Once you learn to identify sabotaging phrases, thoughts and beliefs, you will be the master your mind for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

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